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Digital Manipulations

Photo Touch-Up & Manipulation: Need that photo touched up? We can do that. Want a person removed from the photo? We can do that! Want to walk on the moon? Light that light saber? Go back in time? We can do that too! The possibilities are endless and only limited to your creative ideas! Due to the nature of this service it could take us a minute or it can take hours depending on what your are looking to do with your photo. Email me your photo/photos with a description of what you'd like done, and I'll provide you with a free no obligation quote. Don't be afraid to ask ANY questions. You get one Free copy of your photo on a disk or just download it and make your own prints. We have three different classification of photo touch-up:

Minor Cosmedic Touch-Up $12.95

Moderate Cosmedic Touch-Up $19.94

Major Cosmedic Touch-Up $29.95

Digital Photo Manipulation: * Price Quoted Upon Review

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